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What's "real" about Legend Media Producers?

Legendary TV talk show host Jack Paar had this to say 50 years ago, and we feel the same way when working with our clients.

"I don't like to be part of an act. I gotta keep it real."

HD video stills from Legend Media Producers - video and photo packages available - DSLR and traditionaWe like to keep it real, too, by producing and shooting West Coast/East Coast high definition, high quality video products at a price, and with an attitude, that's Texas friendly.

I'm new to this, help!  |  I've been there and done that, but I need your help!

We'll visually connect you to your audience -- through thoughtful planning, production, strategy and support. We add value and professionalism to all our productions. 

You can reach us by clicking on this link or calling 214-418-3430.

"Throughout my 20-year TV News and programming career, I’ve worked with literally hundreds of video producers and directors. Never before have I experienced such amazing talent, business acumen and genuine sincerity bundled in one person. Kurt pours himself into every project with the utmost dedication and devotion to pleasing the client (which really isn’t that hard for him!) and a heart-of-gold. He’s always on-time, on-target and on-top of every little detail. And I say all of this from multiple perspectives having worked with him as (1) a talent, (2) the client and (3) a producer,"     - Susan Havens, Producer and On-Air Talent for OnCue Media

Corporate, event, promotional HD video and photography

30 years of video production experi