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"De-construct your imitative and tired speaking style and instead, base the re-construction on your own speaking DNA. No one elses! That's how you separate and stand out."  -The Inside-Out Speaker

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Listen to Kurt's "America Tonight with Kate Delaney" national radio interview 2-20-2014 


"A breath of fresh air in a speaker training world full of the same old speaker techniques, I definitely will recommend this book to any speaker looking to elevate their presence and performance on stage."
Waldo 'The Wingman' Waldman | Hall of Fame Speaker and National Best Selling Author

 "Have to present? Here's your primer. Clearly Kurt has keen powers of observation having watched and worked with speakers. The Inside-Out Speaker offers powerful information about really connecting with your audience, being authentic and so much more.There is such a tendency to listen too much to what others think you should be saying. I think this book is for anyone who has to speak - not just professionals. If you have a presentation of any sort this book is a terrific guide.”  
Kate Delaney | National Radio Host of 'America Tonight with Kate Delaney'

"Kurt is a rare find. A visual media pro who actually listens to his client and then works his magic. He will make you look and "be" better than you ever thought possible."
Linda Byars Swindling | Certified Speaking Professional and Past-president of the National Speakers Association of North Texas 

“Get ready to learn the nuances of speaking successfully. But most of all, if you actually take action and follow Kurt’s 4-Step Attack Plan, you will truly maximize your success."
Marsha Petrie Sue | Professional Speaker, Executive and Best Selling Author  

"Good speakers don't speak AT their audiences, we speak FOR and TO our audiences!” 

David Hira | CFO (Chief Fun Officer) of The Snowball Express; Entertainer and Speaker  

"You are such a great writer and have the knowledge that so many people can benefit from for any profession."
Kristie Smith | Author and Educator for visually impaired kids 

"I have been a public speaker for nearly 55 years. I would have gotten better, quicker, if I had not had to learn his truths by trial and error. I highly recommend this book to everyone and anyone who knows that they have an important message to convey.”
Lloyd Box | Public Speaker  

I am a big fan of chapter one, pointing out the distinction between "Supportive Communication" and "Constructive Dialogue," where the former is the nicety you share with strangers while the hard-hitting truth of the latter is required to get better. I will be using this distinction going forward."
Jeffrey S. Davidson | Public Speaker  


For release - Dallas, TX  January 31, 2014


"As a recent inductee in the the Speaker Hall of Fame, I credit much of my success to working occasionally with speaker coaches and my constant desire to hone my skills. I am also quite critical of most "speaker coaches", as I have heard many. That being said, this book digs into the core fundamentals of what it takes to connect with an audience and deliver a program that not only touches the head, but the heart as well. Written in a direct and conversational style, the book is packed full of easy to implement tools and techniques to elevate one's platform success. It not only reinforced what I have been doing, but it also revealed some areas that I need work on.

A breath of fresh air in a speaker training world full of the same old speaker techniques, I definitely will recommend this book to any speaker looking to elevate their presence and performance on stage."

You will learn how to "be" a better speaker!
- Here's what happens when you're NOT being intentional, and why.
- You can't connect if you're not crossing The Speaking Red Zone
- How do you find your Speaking Rhythm?.
- Here's how to own the space you're in - be big. 
- Invest twice as much in your audience as you do in yourself, and more!

Interview excerpt 1/24/2014 about the book