Actual Customer Comments

"Oh wow. That's incredible!!"

"Kurt Boxdorfer at Legend Media Producers has produced excellent video and photo content for us. His attention to detail, diverse experience and unique eye for capturing, editing and showcasing our message and people makes him our first choice when we need a true professional. So, if you need video production services, contact me or Kurt directly. Creative, thoughtful and fast! Did I mention fast! Like a rocket! Looking forward to doing more great videos together."

"Kurt did an amazing job...I had a tiny picture in my head of what I wanted and he expanded on that developing a (final product) that tells my story and message through my voice. That takes incredible talent and humility. Because of Kurt my dreams which at one time seemed unattainable are now becoming a reality. I will be forever grateful."

"Looks GREAT! Thanks so much for working and directing us! It was fun and you kept this HERD of kittens in line. Thanks so much. So looking forward to the video!"
RENEE, Franchise owner-operator for a local services company 

"LOVE the lighting. LOVE the frame. Thank you V., for adding Kurt to our team. He is a joy and so calm under pressure. LOVE that. Please let him know, since he left before I could say anything, how much I apprecaite his time today."

"The videos were very well received from the city! (of Dallas) Congrats to you and the team you picked! They said they were a vast improvement over the videos from last year."
TAMMY KAZMIERCZAK, Senior Marketing Manager, Homeland HealthCare, Inc.

"Kurt, I just wanted to let you know the City contacts approved the Spanish videos as they were presented - no changes needed. They have been posted to the City’s benefits website if you want to see them in place.  Thank you again for such a great team to work with! We love having local resources."
TAMMY KAZMIERCZAK, Senior Marketing Manager, Homeland HealthCare, Inc.

"I have known Kurt Boxdorfer for almost 20 years now and you can't find a man with more integrity and knowledge about this topic. He's an award-winning visual media producer who works closely with business men and women, athletes, speakers and entertainers from across the United States -- he's great at what he does."

"Kurt is just awesome! He's smart, funny, and the man KNOWS video. Kurt understands how to work with people and he always keeps his cool; Even with ego-maniacal showbiz executive producer types! I had the privilege to sit and work with him on a variety of projects for many months and it's the closest I've ever been to a real media professional. He made me want to be more like him! :-) Kurt's the best!"
JEFF HARRIS, Independent Technology Consultant

"Throughout my 20-year TV News and programming career, I’ve worked with a literally hundreds of producers & directors. Never before have I experienced such amazing talent, business acumen and genuine sincerity bundled in one person. Kurt pours himself into every project with the utmost dedication and devotion to pleasing the client (which really isn’t that hard for him!) and a heart-of-gold. He’s always on-time, on-target and on-top of every little detail. And I say all of this from multiple perspectives having worked with him as (1) a talent, (2) the client and (3) a co-producer... "

"Kurt is a rare find...a video/media guru who actually listens to his clients and takes their opinions into account as he works his magic. He is an expert with attention to detail who will amaze you with both his creativity and sense of business. Use him to capture the real nature of the event. He will make you look better than you thought was possible."
LINDA SWINDLING, Negotiation Expert, Speaker, Author, Trainer

"We are producing a company commercial and would love to get a select of our favorite few freelance videographers to be in the commercial. We are in the process of putting together a script, but would like to ask if you would like to be in the commercial. You have been with us for a while and you do great work. We ask if you would just record yourself with a nice scenic view of your town behind you and just read a sentence or two. Let me know. We are looking to have this completed by Christmas. Thank you!"

"Hi Kurt. How are you my friend. I miss you! I mentioned your awesome work in this week's blog on helpful resources! Every time I show the DVD, people say, "The DVD is so professional and wonderful!- Who did that for you?""
KRISTIE SMITH, Educator and Autho

(From blogsite) -- "As usual, our friend Kurt Boxdorfer, founder of Legend Media Pros has been there for us with his brilliant expertise, creativity and passion. No deadline, project or idea is beyond his talent and vision. His incredible media production, videography and photography have been a cornerstone of since the beginning. I’m an OU grad, he’s a Texas grad…Wow, Sooners and Longhorns can get along…except for the second Saturday in October."
JERRY AND SHERRI ISBELL, Mountain Vista Luxury Log Cabin Owner

"When it has to be done right the first time, have every detail and every angle covered, and has to be visually stunning, engaging and get the story across... Kurt and Legend Media Producers are the ones I go to. Kurt brings his "A" game, his "A" equipment and his "A" attitude and expertise to every shoot. He can see "past the shoot", knowing what he needs to cover now for things we may need later for other projects. His editing skills are off the chart. Few people can see, hear and feel the story prior to the shoot like Kurt can. He always arrives early, stays until the last shot, and his post work is done on time. The end result? Always (always) more than was imagined. Hire Kurt as your consultant and business partner. That's exactly what he is."
DAVID HIRA, Entertainer, M.C., and Motivaltional Keynote Speaker

"I had a great time working with Kurt Boxdorfer today. He is a total professional with his work. I learn so much each time I work with him. He is a master behind the camera. Awesome day, Kurt thanks for all your hard work." 
CHUCK INMAN, Author and Public Speaker, CCMotivation

"Excited for our pal Kurt Boxdorfer as he releases his new book today. He's a great media professional and I've enjoyed working on several projects with him. He's the best media production person in the business. If your business needs photography, turnkey video or presentation coaching, he's the man!#DFWMedia"
JERRY AND SHERRI ISBELL, Mountain Vista Luxury Log Cabin Owner

"Working with Kurt is always a pleasure. He has been a freelance videographer with us for a few years and I know when he does a shoot for us the quality will be exceptional!  He is a very talented videographer/Director who knows what the word "Professional" means while working in all capacities of the Video production field.  Our staff and our clients love working with him, he has such a positive attitude. He is reliable, professional, and always submits very high quality video. He goes the extra mile for every shoot he does. No job is too big or too small for him to handle. I highly recommend Kurt and feel honored to have such a top notch Videographer/Director working with our company."
KAREN FERRARA, Managing Producer for an East Coast Marketing Company

"Kurt did an amazing job with my website. His insight and vision brought this all together. I had a tiny picture in my head of what I wanted and he expanded on that developing a site that is simple, clean, easy to use, and tells my story and message through my voice. That takes incredible talent and humility. Because of Kurt my dreams which at one time seemed unattainable are now becoming a reality. I will be forever grateful."
SUSAN DeFACE WASHINGTON, Inspirational Speaker

"Kurt produced, directed and was the videographer of the media content on my website. I was overwhelmed with his professionalism, execution and follow-up. Kurt has an incredible drive and desire to do great work while being ethical, savvy and cutting edge. I owe a great deal of gratitude to him for taking the video on my web site far beyond my expectations. I look forward to the opportunity to work with him again..."  
JERRY ISBELL, Beavers Bend Vacations, Inc.

"Kurt! Thanks so much! We enjoyed the shoot too, you are great to work with!!!" 

"Kurt,  you did such an amazing job at my party! You far exceeded our expectations. Great work!"
BECKY INMAN, Dallas resident 

"Kurt, I heard back from Jeremy just yesterday. He said your footage was excellent, which is what I expected, and we were very pleased with the results. He also said you would be near the top of our Brookdale shooters, which is awesome because we've had probably around 50 shooters nationwide for their projects. So great job! I am putting the final check in the mail for you." 
JONATHON B., President of a Las Angeles, CA national media marketing company

"Thanks for all your help this year my friend. Finished up the year with wonderful sales off the work you did for me, Not bad!"
RON DIAMOND, Professional Touring Comic Hypnotist

"I have a new client in Texas (Dallas area) that may need a hospital interview done in late April early May.
Will be talking to him early next week to see how real it is. Already talked you up when he and I were at a conference in Chicago last week. Will let you know."
DAVE RECTOR, MRC Medical Communications

"I have relied on Kurt for over seven years to deliver very high quality productions within very tight budgets and schedules. He has consistently exceeded my expectations and has always proven himself to be a very versatile media writer/director/producer/editor."
JOSEPH RENDE, Consultant

"The videos have been great so far. The panel show just published today - Greg was very happy with this one in particular!"
CHRISTINA, Marketing Director

"Thank you so much for taking my call today and the time you dedicated to it, as I know you are busy being a dad and all around amazing guy!  You really did have a huge key impact in who I am today and thank you for that, you being you.  I know you said you are proud of me, but Kurt I am so proud of you.  You never got the recognition you truly deserved and whether you believe it or not, your qualities are what make normal men Legends!  Keep up the great work, stay in touch and please pass the best along to your family for me."
RYAN MORTON, Interned for me 17 years ago on our live TV broadcasts

"I have to say, I have felt a very good vibe from moment one of this project. I am really excited to see how this turns out. I think we are really going to get some mileage out of it. Thank you again for your hard work and professionalism!"
MICHAEL GATTEN, President of Miracle Industries

"The road to becoming a successful speaker can be shorter when you learn the short cuts. My friend Kurt Boxdorfer was instrumental into taking my speaking business to the next level. Now, he's taken all he knows about making speakers BETTER and put it in his new book that launches TODAY!!! I've even made the back cover and am a contributor in a chapter!"
DAVID HIRA, Entertainer, M.C., and Motivaltional Keynote Speaker

"Kurt and Legend Media Pros have now shot and edited over 15 videos for my company. The shoots were PERFECT and were only overshadowed by the expert edits that helped me sell the SIZZLE and not just the “steak”. Kurt has a extremely good understanding of how to attain the DESIRED RESULTS through his expertise in video production. Above all, he is a good guy who does what he says he’s going to do… and then does a little more. May I suggest that you simply try Legend Media Pros, let them loose to do what they do best, and then be as amazed as I have been at the unimaginable and excellent results. 5 Stars simply aren’t enough. Bravo!" 

"His integrity is beyond reproach and I know he’ll get the job done utilizing whatever resources he’s given and staying on budget. Just as important, my clients have expressed an equal amount of confidence in him and his team..."
SCOTT DUFFORD, Big Shot Productions

"It was great working with you today; how refreshing to work with a real professional! I hope I was not much of a bother, I enjoyed the shoot as well as the day provided. Your choice on selecting Clint was right on; his profile and mannerism were ideal for our product – and he had a wonderful work ethic. Look forward to seeing this process evolve with your creative talent..."
TOM ATTERBURY, JetPro Inventor

"Your abilities to take what I gave you and make what you made are unbelievable! I just wish I had more material for you to work with..."
JANIS NARK, Retired Military

" had the pleasure of having Kurt Boxdorfer as my professional videographer when presenting my new novel, “LACED” at Times Ten Cellars in the Lakewood area of Dallas.  Kurt also recorded my second signing in downtown Forney at Crumbzz. The book signings were both professionally recorded by Kurt and were special to me as I was able to sit back after the event and watch my own book signings several times over. Kurt is not the type of guy who quickly does his job and leaves.  He helps with every aspect of his assignment.  For example, Kurt helped the owners and I set up books where people could see and purchase the novels, decorated the tables with the items as to make them more appealing to others, and is basically one of the nicest people I have ever met. While extremely professional, is also friendly and outgoing to participants.  He thinks outside of the box and creates projects for his clients that are timeless and magical. One party-goer expressed on her Facebook, “WOW! The guy who did the video is unbelievably great at what he does.” I have other book signings coming up and have already asked Kurt to video my events and to continue to bring my books to life. What an amazing professional and human being!"
KRISTIE SMITH, Author and educator

"I wanted to thank you for the job you did with TPC. I spoke with Emily and she was very pleased with the final product and your service. I appreciate you taking good care of them and it’s clear that you continue to stand up to your reputation..."
EMILY of Total Patient Care

"Love it!! You’re a genius. I love this rendition!!!!..."
MARSHA PETRIE SUE, Author and Speaker

"THESE are the kind of videos I need. Great edits, selling the SIZZLE and not the steak. This makes me FEEL the joy, the fun, the laughter and the amazement. This is absolute magic.  You are a talented Jedi-video master!"
DAVID HIRA of David Hira Productions

"I met Kurt in late 1995 while working on various projects for Internet America. I found him to be an outstanding editor and incredibly reliable, dedicated and efficient contributor to our projects. Because of this positive experience we decided to hire Kurt to direct. edit and line produce our television show, Net Talk Live! His contribution and hard work helped NTL grow to a highly successful production reaching millions of homes worldwide. Net Talk Live! reformatted into Net Talk Interactive, winning a Bronze Telly and a WorldFest Platinum award in Television and Cable/Best TV Series for Family and Children. Kurt was at the directorial helm, as well as contributing greatly in the production and editorial process. I always look forward to hearing his ideas, as they are always grounded  --  and well thought out. I certainly look forward to working with Kurt in the future. Not only is he great to work with, I might add he is also truly a man of great integrity and has a good heart. In fact, I would say that working with Kurt gaurantees the job will get done, no matter what!"
LAURA LEWIS, President, L Squared Media