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We travel frequently in and around Texas, as well as needed nationally.

Today, our clients stretch from the city of Los Angeles to New York state. Our actual resume of clients and venues includes retailers and wholesalers like JCPenney; bankers; insurance companies like Homeland HealthCare and their clients AWA and the City of Dallas; marketing companies like Texas Law Marketing and ProSolutions Group; manufacturers like Col-Met and Flextronics; noted World Painter Lap Ngo; universities like Southwestern Adventist, the University of Texas at Arlington (Fine Arts Dept) and Jacksonville College; electronic tolling companies like ETAN Industries; law firms like John Salazar, Frankel & Frankel, the Law Offices of Kenneth Wincorn, Seinz-Rodriguez & Associates and Greenberg Traurig; OSHA compliance trainers like Worksafe and Safety Source; pharmaceutical companies, homebuilders, marketing agencies like CGI Communications; real estate businesses like ReMax; auto repair companies like Auto Tech Services; junk removal companies like Junk King; construction companies; wellness firms; assisted-living communities; festivals like the Forney Arts Festival and the Woodstock Celebration at FireWheel; telecommunication contract service providers; credit unions like Neighborhood Credit Union; accounting firms; public and private schools like the Duncanville, Boyd, Canton, Decatur, Richardson, Wise County and Greenville ISD's; medical industry service providers like Hunt Regional Medical Center and Dr. Crable OBGYN; oil field drillers; non-profits; small business owners; authors like Kristie Smith and David Blewett of 'The Pony Trap'; advertising agencies like Build Buzz Launch and Johnson & Sekin; internet service providers; conferencing companies; food service designers; paralegal firms; radiologists; dentists like Seagoville Dental;  pool builders; sports marketers; corporate event planners, pharmacies, national speakers like Marsha Petrie Sue and Kristin Kaufman; broadcast producers, illusionists like David Hira and Daryl Sprout; former college football All-Americans like Rickey Dixon and Super Bowl XXVI winner Eric Williams; publishers like Adriel Publishing; actresses like Ellen Fox of "Rotten Tomatoes!"; hypnotists, doctors like Dr. Kyle Smith from Lafayette; charity leagues like the NCL of Rockwall; state and local agencies; home health care providers - and more!

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Don't Let The Dog Walk You!

From a recent Rockwall, TX event.

I wanted to start by asking you guys a question. By a show of hands, who feels like they're really and truly being themselves when they're up here speaking? And how many of you feel like you're a square peg trying to fit into a round hole - trying to mold yourselves into someone that you're not? 
Now, I don't know about you, but I love being around, talking to and especially, LISTENING - to REAL PEOPLE. They make me feel good  - because I KNOW that they're guided by how they feel and especially how they make their audience feel. Not by techniques.
In fact, what I've learned in my business is that BEING REAL is just one of the key differences between speakers that connect with an audience and those that speak to give a speech.
Right now I'd like to share 3 key drivers of what I call an inside out speaker.- a speaker that connects with feeling and less by technique.
First are the Intentions - you have to ask yourself if you're willing to give and take real and qualified constructive communication instead of enabling, supportive communication.
The truth is that if you're not willing to ditch the giving or taking of supportive communication, then you're in big trouble as a connector.
Supportive communication may feel good, but it's often fake. It's the intentional communication - those meaningful conversations - that help you connect and be better.
A second key is Authenticity, it's bringing the inside YOU to your audience. The fact is that you've spent a lifetime being you, so why change that? Be an originator and not an imitator
I know that I can't remember a joke to save my life, but I do know that it's hard for me to be fake - and even harder to tell a lie. I'm not a salesman. So, I have to learn to use those unique qualities – these SUPER SPEAKING POWERS that I have - to build those connecting bridges to you guys. 
Now the 3rd area that's so often missing with speakers is Emotionalism. You have to ask yourself if you're willing to get out of your comfort zone, because that's how you'll create lasting memories. The kind that get you invited back again and again as an amateur and professional speaker.
So the takeaway is that If you don't make strong memories with your audience, you'll be forgotten. And no one wants to be forgotten, especially a speaker.
The best connector I've seen and heard in my life is an ex-fighter pilot and Hall of Fame speaker named Rob “Waldo” Waldman. Waldo does everything right, including having his audience fly jets from their chairs. What he's really doing is commiting 100% to them. 
Fortunately for me, after reading my book, he offered to endorse it, and here's what he wrote.
"A breath of fresh air in a speaker training world full of the same old speaker techniques, I definitely will recommend this book to any speaker looking to elevate their presence and performance on stage."
So commit to being an Inside-Out Soeaker. When you're speaking, lead with your feelings and not with technique. Don't let the dog walk you.





Thanks to Homeland HealthCare, Inc. and the City of Dallas

OCTOBER 6, 2014
Legend Media Producers, a Dallas area based video production company, recently wrapped on a 3-month long project for their client and their end-client, the City of Dallas.

This project included the production of the City's 2015 Employee Benefits packages - English and Spanish language. They are available to view here  > http://www.cityofdallasbenefits.org/2015/home

"We are excited that Homeland HealthCare, Inc. is putting their trust in us to produce high quality video products. They are a special group, and we hope to continue this valued relationship moving forward." - Legend owner Kurt Boxdorfer.




Texas Law Marketing

It's true. More and more Texas law professionals are understanding how valuable video can be. Take a minute to read a blog from a client of mine? Thank you.


"t’s said that a picture is worth a thousand words. If that picture moves, then it should be worth ten times that. Video is the next big thing in the marketing of lawyers and law firms.

It stands to reason that if a prospective client plans to spend countless hours with an attorney, either on a transactional matter or some bet-the-business litigation, that client might want to know what the attorney looks like, how he or she sounds, does that attorney have any personal quirks or eccentricities and what is the level of his or her legal knowledge..."


To Boom or not to Boom, is that the question?

So, I bought another cool new professional "toy" today!

Yes, the Rode NTG2, a dual-powered, lightweight, directional condensor mic that I'm going to add to my existing audio tools. It might even see it's first action in the next few days in beautiful Austin, Texas.

So, I DID do some research - what shotgun or shotgun-like mic would work best for my video production business? I was looking for another solution, another mic to use for those times I just didn't want to mess with lavs. Of course, the room would have to be fairly "dead" - no use whipping out a directional mic if the room was reflecting sound all over the place, right? Directional or not, if the room's echo'y, then I'm stuck with the lavs. (or handheld which is NOT an option for my business).

Now, it may sound like I'm a little negative on using the lavalier microphones, but I'm really not.

Okay, maybe I am.

When you run a lean production crew, it's just really important to go with the easies to manage , yet professionally qualified, solution available. With this Rode NTG2 directional, shotgun-style mic, I'd have no clothing rub worries, no wireless lav battery or frequency issues, no wired lav "client stands up and yanks the wires out" worries.

Whew. I feel better already. To summarize, here are 3 key reasons to pick the Rode NTG2:

Firstly the mic weighs only 5.17 ounces. Whether it's mounted atop a handheld camera or affixed to the end of a boom, that's a spec you're bound to love. 

Secondly, the Rode NTG-2 boasts a supercardioid pickup pattern, meaning the mic picks up in a very narrow pattern that focuses directly on your source while rejecting off-axis bleed, and exhibits a very flat on-axis frequency response regardless of distance from the subject. With the NTG-2 on the end of a boom, you'll have precise control over your audio -- hugely important for documentarians and field journalists where ADR isn't an option. 

Finally, the NTG-2 has the option to run on a single AA battery, so even if your camera audio equipment doesn't supply 48-volt phantom power you can still capture pro-quality audio on location.

Hey, I know this will be an awesome audio solution for my Legend Media Producer clients. 

Legend Media Producers is a Dallas video production and producer services company that works independently as well as aligning strategically with other video production companies. In addition, marketing and digital technology companies seek out Legend Media Producers  to add value for their clients. With active customers on both coasts, local clients as well as a strategic partnership - Legend Media Producers has positioned itself to be a quality high definition video provider to businesses and individuals alike. Smartphone to satellite, we provide video production planning, production and post.  Based in Dallas, Texas

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