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A Speaking Rhythm - do you know yours?

Here's a concept for you to consider if you, or someone you know, is dying in front of their audience. It's what I've learned on my job.

Your ‪#‎Speaking‬ Rhythm is the cycle rate of your delivery and rest. Without the rest, you're out of rhythm. No rest = no audience connection.

An example of this is when you're in the audience and the speaker is going 100 miles an hour. The words, meaning, thought and emotion are only blowing one way - to you in the audience. There's no room (rest) for you to give any of it back to the speaker, there's no time for meaningful interpretation by you- the result is you don't "feel" anything, connection wise.

The other side is when the audience is doing all the pushing, with little or no "love" back from the speaker. They're resting way too long.

You have to ask yourself ,if YOU'RE the speaker, "Am I giving pause, giving rest - so that the words I'm saying can mean something to the audience?"

Getting and staying in rhythm - and this rhythm can and should speed up and slow down - is very important in connecting.


Here's a fabulous example of being "in rhythm" - one of the best speakers and a member of the Speakers Hall of Fame.



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Reader Comments (1)

This is in fact true but something that is also pressing matter is that there is not enough light put on this by the Gov. and upon the healthcare agencies as a whole, even know as we are speaking the number of those establishments is growing and some actions should be taken. I watched the LKS and http://www.nursdoc.com/ disscusion which is a start if you ask me .

July 23, 2015 | Unregistered CommenterKaren Malston

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