Author Interview about the book "The Inside-Out Speaker"
Friday, January 24, 2014 at 2:33PM
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I was invited to sit down with Liz Lawless this morning and talk about the new book!
Here's the transcript from the audio recording.


Liz Lawless:  Liz Lawless of Adriel Publishing here, and we're talking with Kurt Boxdorfer.  Kurt has written a book that's just been released titled "The Inside-Out Speaker: Untold Truths and Strategies On How to Be a Better Speaker" and we're so happy he chose Adriel Publshing to help him with his project. 

Kurt Boxdorfer:  Thanks Liz. Who'd of thought I'd write a book? But I'm glad I did it and I'm glad it's done.

Liz Lawless:  So, we're going to put this interview out there in the digital atmosphere as you know -- Let's start here. What is "The Inside-Out Speaker" Untold Truths and Strategies On How to Be a Better Speaker?"

Kurt Boxdorfer:  It's a book I've written for speakers that are really struggling - they need to get it straightened out quick, or else.  It's a lifeline to them. But additionally, I'm hearing that it's so much more than that. It has applications for non-speakrs as well - folks that are needing to rediscover those special behaviors and values that best connect them to others. What they're doing now isn't working.

Liz Lawless:  What's it about - tell the audience for me.

Kurt Boxdorfer:  I share my perspective coming from the behind-the lens video side of things --  and the steps I think they need to follow to be a better speaker. Not just to be a speaker, but to be a BETTER one that they are now. I've been soaking up performances and presentations for years, talking and watching, producing, directing and editing  - all from a very "interesting" place. I've found that this position has afforded me an inner-sanctum of trust from them - similar to someone's barber or therapist. So, I've been able to really dissect, then assemble what I think it takes to succeed and connect as a speaker. And what I've found is that it's not the platform skills that are most important, it's the behaviors and values that put the connection together.

Liz Lawless:  So why is "The Inside-Out Speaker" different from all the other books available to them?

Kurt Boxdorfer:  I didn't want to write a tips and techniques book. No disrespct intended to those authors out there, but it's all common sense stuff pretty much. This definitely is not one of those books.  I don't think you fix a broken down car by giving it a new paint job and replacing an oil filter -- and I don't think you "fix" a speaker with a few pointers on how to feel better or look better.  They need the good stuff - a solid foundation built on, like I said, the right behaviors and values. A good speaker doesn't always connect, but a good connector has to truly speak to their audience. Otherwise, there's no connection - and no lasting impression.

Liz Lawless:  So the book title is "The Inside-Out Speaker: Untold Truths and Strategies On How to Be a Better Speaker". What are some of those strategies and truths - can you share?

Kurt Boxdorfer:  I don't want to share too much, I just think folks need to get the book, read it, and commit to the Plan I've put out there. I know the plan works. There are some unconventional ideas and some things that when you read them, will make total sense. There's not another book that puts it all out there in as direct a way as I do - I don't want to waste the readers' time, I want to get them "fixed" so they can go on to make money and continue growing in their career.

Liz Lawless:  What is an Inside-Out Speaker?

Kurt Boxdorfer:  An inside-out speaker is committed to being intentional, authentic, emotional and memorable -- they're grounded in solid behaviors and values. They're selfless, devoted and instinctual to and with their audience - always aware of and managing their physical environment along the way. And finally, they're engaged with their "thinking" brain. The Inside-Out Speaker is made of steel and built to last.

Liz Lawless:  So give us something to make us want it - tease us a little.

Kurt Boxdorfer:  Okay. (pauses) I'm not very "nice" in the book quite honestly. I think that's actually part of the struggling speakers' problem, that everyone is telling them the good stuff, giving them the verbal comfort food that they know they want. The fact is, a struggling and sinking speaker needs to know those things that aren't going right - the things they have to change. I tell them straight up what I think, and what I think is based on years of working with folks just like them. It's a direct approach. It's tangible feedback they can start using immediately. I don't do any circling.

Liz Lawless:  And where can they get it?

Kurt Boxdorfer:  Right now it's on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Also Payhip and Smashwords I believe. If they want to contact me directly, I can also make it happen that way. Go to or send me an email to

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